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Children's church meets every sunday during service
Please see the ushers upon arrival.

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St Paul AME BLACK Business Initiative

Our Mission at Saint Paul A.M.E. Worship Center is to actively support black-owned businesses within our community. We recognize the importance of economic empowerment and believe in creating opportunities that foster growth and success for our black entrepreneurs.


Initiative Objectives: 

- Increase visibility for black-owned businesses 

- Foster a network of support and collaboration 

- Create platforms for showcasing products and services 

- Encourage patronage of black-owned businesses


How We Support Black Businesses 

1. **Promotional Campaigns**: We will feature black-owned businesses in our marketing materials, social media posts, and newsletters to increase visibility and reach a wider audience. 2. **Collaborative Events**: We plan to host dedicated events, workshops, or spotlight series to showcase products and services offered by black-owned businesses. 

3. **Networking Opportunities**: We will facilitate connections and partnerships between black-owned businesses and other organizations to create a supportive network. 

4. **Resource Sharing**: We aim to provide resources, mentorship opportunities, and support tailored to the specific needs of black-owned businesses.

The Harvest of Eden Food Pantry is open on the
th Thursday of each month from 4 pm - 6 pm

Join us for Bible Study

Women of Faith Bible Study
Every Tuesday 7-8 pm
Join by calling the prayer line number.  (listed below) 

bible study with Pastor
Every Wednesday-
7 pm via zoom  
No Bible study May 22, 2024

or call the church for the Zoom meeting login information
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